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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lake Compounce !

For my 7th grade end of the year trip we went to Lake Compounce.Lake Compounce is located in Connecticut.We left at about 8:40. It took less then 3 hours to get there.While we was in the bus waiting to leave they put a movie called "Harry Poter". And everybody was talking and playing around. The park was super fun.On our way to the park we all was excited. The bus ride was less 3 hours long. I felt excited because we was going to have fun.
Once we arrived at the theme park we sat there waiting for our tickets to get inside.I felt excited because we was going to get on all the rides. In The group it was Sekouba,Linda,Saikou,Thalia,Ada,Joshua,Alex,Jonas,Victor and I. The teacher we had was Mr.Osei. The first ride we got on was the Down Town but Joshua,Victor,Thalia and I didn't get on it. So actually the first we all got on it was the Wildcat.Linda and I was partner and we was In the front car.We also got on the Bomber Cars,Boulder Dash,Zoomerang,Wildcat,Saw Mill Plunge,Enterprise.My Favorite ride is the Boulder Dash.The Boulder Dash was my favorite ride because its the longest ride their. I also like how it was bumpy and it surprised me. I liked all the rides.The funniest thing that happen on the Wildcat was everytime we go up someone would say wow..wow.. Mr.Osei got on the Wildcat and thats it. I only ordered frensh fries.The food was OK.

The last ride we went on was the Boulder Dash. I saw the water park and the pool. The bus ride home was a little bumpy. I went to sleep but people kept waking me up.When we was on our way home we saw he movie Batman Beggins.I like about Lake Compounce is that we all had fun. Im going to make plans for my fmil to go to the summer so i could actually get wet.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sometimes when we speak it depends on how you reacting and how you say it. Yes, Words can reveal what we think about certain issues because the way we feel. O'Brien told Steve Harmon how she feels and they were going against them in the jury.You could tell that Petrocelli doesn't like Steve because she called him a MOSTER!.Our words tell others how we feel. Its very important to choose your words wisely because whatever you say will show people who you are.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Angela's Ashes

Poverty affects the characters in the movie''Angela's Ashes" because there poor and they need help. The little babies keep getting sick because there parents didn't have money to go to the hospital.If I was the mother I would go to a friends house to help me. Or I would go get a job. In the story the mother keeps having babies. The father keeps drinking. I think the family lives under these conditions because they have no jobs. I think getting a job could help the family and the mother could stop getting pregnant.No, I do not know family who live in poverty. I think poverty in Ireland is worse then America because Ireland is a small place.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Working in a group is good but sometimes bad. In the group I was in we had our ups and downs. We would argue for the littlest things. Working in a group was FUN because you don't have to do all the work. And its fun to work with your friends. The worst part of working alone is that you have to do everything by yourself. The most difficult part of creating an I-MOVIE getting the right pictures and also recording.Also getting the right music. The group worked good together but then we had our ups and downs. The advice i would I would give other peoples is try your best an practice.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Career Day !

One of the presenter I saw was Adrienne-Lawyer. I learned about a Lawyer. I Learned that a Lawyer has difficult cases. I like how Adrienne talked to us students. Also how she organize her presentation.I like about Adrienne's presentation that she told us she was a Lawyer for 7 years.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Using I-Movie is FUN. The fun part about I-MOVIE was putting music and also adding stuff.Yesterday my class was laughing .They said that it was funny. After showing my video to the class I thought we should of put more pictures. I should of also put subtitles under the pictures.
I thought the other videos was fun to watch.I think Angel,Alhaji,Josue.. group was the best video because they use real characters. I would say to other peoples who dont know how to use I-MOVIE to try there best. Yes I think that they would understand before reading the book because the video shows parts of the book.

You have several weeks to make your film incredible. How do you plan to improve your film?
For the I-MOVIE I would put more interesting picture. And also record more.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why do I have to think about a career now?

Im thinking about career day now because its easier for me in the future because I would know what I want to be when I grow up. Its important to me because I would want to help out my family when needed. I would also like to help my self . Its also important because I would want my future family. I think the project is going to help me because I would get to learn more about the career and I get to find interest things about it by looking it up.My future is in my head. I have been thinking about my future with my family.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Profile

This profile is for: Grisaurys Arias
Grisaurys is a seventh grade student who has special interests and abilities in school. She described her grades as average in math, average in science, average in reading, and average in social studies. She seems to have several areas of interest. Her primary interest appears to be in video/photography, as she seems to enjoy photography, making a movie, or creating a video.

Grisaurys's second area of interest appears to be in technology, as she seems to like activities that involve technology and computers, multimedia equipment, and communication.

Grisaurys's third area of interest appears to be in social action, as she seems to show a concern for legal, moral or philosophical issues such as human rights, poverty, animal rights, and environmental issues. She may want to change a law or take action to try to make the world a better place.

Grisaurys also has specific preferred instructional styles. Learning or instructional styles are the ways students like to learn and the strategies parents and teachers use to help them learn. Grisaurys has very clearly defined learning preferences. Her preferred instructional style is through working in groups, as she enjoys working together with other students in or out of class. Her second choice of learning style is technology that helps her to learn by using various interactive multi-media devices and Internet content. Grisaurys also enjoys peer tutoring that happens when a student or friend who knows a good deal about something helps or works with her to really understand the topic or material being studied in school.

Grisaurys also has a preferred product style. That is, she has certain kinds of products that she likes to complete. Her first product choice is technological, as she enjoys photography, using computer technology, and integrating media in a number of different and interesting ways. Her second choice of product style is hands-on, as she enjoys working on things with her hands, and/or likes building, constructing, and designing things. Grisaurys's third choice of product style is audio-visual/display. She enjoys organizing attractive arrangements of objects, and/or likes to work on displaying information on boards or posters. She also may enjoy organizing materials and designing diagrams to visually display information.

Monday, April 27, 2009


I think racism still exist .I think that because i still see white act racism. I truly think that white still think that black are slaves.Racim exist when you want to play with other peoples and they said No because your race .I don't think so.

I still think that Racism still exist. Can a minority get a fair trial? Why or why not? Do you think Steve Harmon will get a fair trial? Why? Why Not? How do you think O'Brien feels about the Jury they selected for Steve's trail?

Why do you feel some people think that our country's court systems are racist? Why do you feel there are more black men in jail than college?

Friday, April 24, 2009

How powerful is the language that we use? Why do people call each other names? How often do you call people names? Do you think about how the person might feel when you call them the name? How often do you see others being called name? Is there anyone in your school who is teased for being Gay? How do you think people feel when they are constantly teased?
Why does Petrocelli call Steve a "Monster"? What metaphors do you compare people to when you name call? How does Steve feel about being called a monster? What does he doe after he is called a monster? Do you think Steve feels like a monster? Do you think Steve is a monster? Do you think he is innocent or guilty?
Do you think the jury sees Steve as a monster? If you were on the jury would you think Steve was a monster? Why? why not? Why did Steve title his book monster?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Favorite GAME !

The game I enjoyed the most today was Soccer Poetry. In order to play the game I had to answer the right question and if you answer the question right you need to try to kick the ball in the net while, someone try to black you. My Score was 8 out of 10. I liked this game because everytime you answer a question right you need to try to score the ball in the net. To play this game go to this link Soccer Poetry!

The game that I enjoyed secondly the most today was From Rag to Riches. In order to play the game I had to ou need to answer the question right and if you got the answer right you earn more money. My Score was $1,000,000. I liked this game because you earn money. To play this game go to this link From Rags to Riches

The game I enjoyed the least today was Basketball Poetry. In order to play the game I had to answer the question right and if you got the question right you need try to shoot the ball in the basket. My Score was 4 out of 10. I least liked this game because Im wack at it. To play this game go to this link Basketball Poetry!

Friday, April 3, 2009


April 3,2009
Think and Discuss

The first thing that pops into my head when I here the terms cross multiply it helps me solve proportion by multiplying the numerator from one ratio and multiply the denominator by the other ratio numerator. After multiplying i would find out if its proportion or not.

Identify the error in this problem:
2/3 = x/12 2x = 36; x = 18
The error in this problem is that they multiplied 3 x 12 which they was suppose to multiply
2 x 12. This is how the problem should have been
2/3 = x/12
3x = 24
x = 8
Are this proportional ?
6/45 and 2/15
6 x 15 = 90 45 x 2 = 90
Both problems are the same answer so this problem is proportional

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hyperbole .

One of my hyperbole is "Your dog is so so so stupid he doesn't know who's his owner. I think peoples use hyperboles to exagerate on what they said. They also use hyperboles to show the feelings that he or she is talking. The hyperbole I use daily is your taking more then 100 minutes in the showers because in the mourning my sister takes for ever in the shower. My favorite figurative language is IDIOMS. Idioms is my favorite because your exagerating .

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today ,in class i learned that idioms is an expression that has a meaning apart from the meanings of its individual words.Peoples use idioms to exaggerate what they say.The most idioms I use daily was mostly easy as pie. Easy as pie means that its easy to do something. Also, I use is raining Cats and Dogs .That means its raining a lot.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cooool Game .!

The game that I enjoyed the most was called Wizard Poetry. In this game I studied the following skills which were Rhyme,Alliteration, also Rhythm. In order to win this game I had to find different color monsters in each room which the monsters had a key. Each monster asked a question and you have to guest if its either Alliteration,Rhythm,and Rhyme.With each keys you get to open the door. The thing I enjoyed most about this game was controlling the little boy. My partner was Linda. Linda and I won at the same time. To play this game go to this link Wizard Poetry.
The game that I enjoyed the 2nd
most was called Is This A Metaphor. In this game I studied the following skills which is metaphor and simile. In order to win this game I had to answer the following questions. The thing I enjoyed most about this game was answering all the question. My partner was Linda again. We both won got 100%. To play this game go to this link 1) Is this a metaphor?

The game that I least enjoyed was called Battle Ship. In this game I studied the following skills Figurative Language. In order to win this game I had to answer all the correct answer and also sink my partner ship. The thing I least enjoyed about this game was losing. My partner was computer. My partner won. To play this game go to this link Figurative Language Battleship.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Journal Assignment Two-Step Equations

Journal Assignment Two Step Equations

Grisaurys Arias

T-mobile charges $34.99 a month for phone service. They also charge $0.48 per minute for long distance calls. If Joshua's bill was $64.75, how many minutes of long distance calls did she make?

Part A - Write an equation that can be used to solve the problem.

Equation: $0.48m +34.99

-34.99 64.75 - 34.99=29.67

Part B - Solve your equation and answer the question in a complete

sentence. 29.76 ÷ 0.48=62 m=62

Yes, Thats Me

Yes, that’s me
Look and you’ll see
My hair is blondish brown
My eyes are hazel green
My arms are a very light color
My hands turns red when something wrong
My heart beeps every second
I’m a very short girl
I never would grow
My friends
I live with annoying peoples
I hope my dream come true
I dream i could fly
It’s all clear as can be.
That’s positively, absolutely me

I Asked

I asked
I asked the
Pricipal why it was red
And it
ran and as fast as it can
I asked the
Teacher why it was Blue
And it
felt like he had the flu
I asked the
tree why its so tall
And it
send me down a leaf
I asked the
Stars to Shine on the sea shells in the sand
And it
Shine all night
I asked the
book to be more interesting
And it did and the
book closed o me.
I asked the
Student why There in school
And they
ran and said because there cool
I asked myself
what is wrong with me
And the
wind started whistling
wind whistle
Could went away
And I kept quiet
And everything was perfect.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Balance Atmosphere
Feng-Shui for my jumbled nerves
I am chiling DUDE!

Beautiful Rivers

Beautiful rivers
All around the lake side path
We walk on the path

The Moon

Strange moon
Looking over the sky
The night is beginning

The Flu

The Flu
I have a bad flu
Not going back to the zoo
My face is still blue

The Zoo

I went to the zoo
It smelled like an old shoe
And i felt so blue

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good Bye Winter

Gonna miss snow fall from the sky
I think I might cry
Coldness everywhere
In the streets , In my house
That winter I havent seen a mouse.

The clock

Waiting for the clock
I found a block
I heard a knock
Then I walked
Oops! I slipped on my sock.

The Sky

fire crakers in the sky
Popping all night
The 4 of july
Now people wanna buy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Limerick Poem

You must be a young lady named Lou.
Who would sit in a road eating stew.
I dont know if ill stay.
And ill watch two racons at the school

Imagery Poem

Feeling a soft teddy bear.
Name Blair
Smells like a vanilla
The teddy bear is shape has a chinchila
Soft Sweet Little Teddy.

Native American Museum

Yesterday Several Compassion Classes went to the Museum of Native American. We have learned so much. 701 and 702 went in a room were there was a man name William. I learned from the man that Native Americans are not Indians. He also showed us the clothing. They were a lot of beads. And he also told us stories when men werent a loud to dance.

Friday, March 13, 2009

How do we evaluate algebraic expresions?

Write each expression another way;

1) (12x) 12(x)
2)(4/y) 4÷y
3)(3xy/2) 3•x(y÷2)

The difference between variable and a constant because a variable is a letter represents a number that can vary. A constant is a number that could not change. So a constant doesn't change but a variable can change because it gets replace for a number.

How do we evaluate algebraic expresions?

Write each expression another way;

1) (12x) 12(x)
2)(4/y) 4÷y
3)(3xy/2) 3•x(y÷2)

The difference between variable and a constant because a variable is a letter represents a number that can vary. A constant is a number that could not change. So a constant doesn't change but a variable can change because it gets replace for a number.

The Math Test

The Math Test part 1 was kind of easy but when it got after number 19 is got harder. Multiple Choice questions. I found number 19 the hardest because the question was about mass and volume.Part 2 was hard. It was harder then the First test. It was diffucult because you also had to write a responce. The part that was easy was to answer the questions.But not the responces. I think I did ok in the test.It took me less then an hour to finish the test.I went over in each question.

Paragraph 2: I think I did ok.But then I have a feeling that I could do better in the test.The most diffucult part was to in dentify the similes,metaphor,Onamanapea, I felt kind of nervous because i forget things real quick. I think my grade would be lower then a 80 but less then a 70. I dont think im prepared but I could start studying.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Vacation

My Winter Vacation was fun. I spend time with my family and friends.My family would have a mostly in the weekends. And I would go to my friends house. My cousin would sleep in my house for the vacation to. I would also wait for my mom to come home for we could go out. During the vacation I got my new sneakers.I got my new sneakers in 181.While, i went to buy my sneakers I
saw Suzzette in the store with her mom. And when I went up stairs for the sneakers. I saw Ada buying sneakers. I went to 181 with Linda because she wanted to buy some clothes.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Onamanapea and Cinqain

( Splash) water coming out of the pool.
Painting the pool in art school
Every body Splashing
Cameras Flashing
Next stop is following the rules.

Best Friends
Are nice people
They always share something
Best friends is like ocean needs water

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Limerick Poem

I know a boy
Who plays with toys
He is very pleasing
But he is always sneezing
And he lives in the capital of Illinois

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Bronx Masquerade

The book Im reading in class is called "The Bronx Masquerade". The book is about teenagers expressing their feelings by writing poems. They also have an activity in school called "Open Mike " and they share there poems. While, other teens see other peoples poem they get to know peoples a little bit more. I met a lot of characters so far in the story.So far I have met 13 characters so far.I like about the book is that there express their feelings in there poems. And i like how the teens act so far. I dislike how the boys really treat girls in the book. I really cant relate to non of the characters bu.

I really don't have nothing in common. Th character that I like the most is Diondra because she follows her own decision because her father dont want her to paint but she wants to keep on painting. Diondra follows her decision. I could relate to Diondra so much.

I relate the least with Tyrone because hes a boy and he mean. He's always have to say something about someone. If I could make a character I would a put a mean girl that has an attitude and think she all that. To see how the other character would react.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Racism is very very bad. Racism is mostly everywhere.Settlers considered some blacks to be slaves. I think its not fair that whites got better treatments then the whites. I think that they should get the same treatment.
Once, I was in a taxi with my sister and mother. We was going home getting out of my grandmas house in Manhattan. While, I was in the taxi I saw a group of White boys beating up a African. I think the African was drunk. So the white group of boys took advantage of the African. There was no police to be found. So they took the mans sneakers and I think the man wallet. Then there was a green light. Then we left.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Grisaurys Arias

Before Reading:
What predictions do you have about the poem based on the title? The tittle describe so much because i could relate to many poem here because the book is about Teenagers Girls.

What do you think the poem is going to be about? I think the poem is about Teenagers getting hurt. Or the book maybe about Teenagers life.

How many lines is the poem?
The poem has 22 lines.

During Reading:
List any words you do not know. Look up the definitions for them. Write down any inferences you think of as you read.
ncapable of being investigated, analyzed, or scrutinized; impenetrable.

After Reading:
Answer the following questions:
What do you think the poem was about? I think the poem was about her getting nervous from speaking.

Were your predictions correct? My prediction was not really correct but yes because its about a teenagers life.

How does the title relate to the poem? The tittle relates to the poem because its about a teenagers life.

What is the name of the poem? My Heart Is In My Throat

What is the name of the book you chose? Things I have to tell you

Poem 2

What predictions do you have about the poem based on the title?
The tittle describe so much because i could relate to many poem here because the book is about Teenagers Girls.

What do you think the poem is going to be about? I think the poem is about Teenagers getting hurt. Or the book maybe about Teenagers life.

How many lines is the poem?

List any words you do not know. Look up the definitions for them. Write down any inferences you think of as you read?

Were your predictions correct? My prediction was not really correct but yes because its about a teenagers life.

How does the title relate to the poem? The tittle relates to the poem because its about a teenagers life.

What is the name of the poem? Secretes

What is the name of the book you chose?
Things I have to tell you

Poem 3
What predictions do you have about the poem based on the title?
The tittle describe so much because i could relate to many poem here because the book is about Teenagers Girls.

What do you think the poem is going to be about? I think the poem is about Teenagers getting hurt. Or the book maybe about Teenagers life.

How many lines is the poem?
7 lines

List any words you do not know. Look up the definitions for them. Write down any inferences you think of as you read?

Were your predictions correct? My prediction was not really correct but yes because its about a teenagers life.

How does the title relate to the poem? The tittle relates to the poem because its about a teenagers life.

What is the name of the poem? It does not have a name

What is the name of the book you chose?
Things I have to tell you

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cinquain poems

Football is wack
I do not play football
Football sucks just like basketball
Yucky !

Cinquain poems

Vanilla good
Strawberry is nasty
Cookies and cream is delicious
Yum- Yum


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Metahphors and Similies

His head is as big as a balloon.
His head is bigger than a balloon.
Her hair is dirties than her face.
Sadness is as happy as laughter.
The river is like the ocean.

My Bull

My bull is white the silver fish in the river,

My Bull is the shimmering crane bird on the riverbank,

My Bull is white fresh milk!

His roar is thunder to the Turkish cannon on the steep shore.

My bull is dark is the rain cloud in a storm.

He is the summer and winter.

Half of him is dark the storm cloud

Half of him is light the sunshine.

His back shines the morning star.

His brow is red the back of a hornbill.

His forehead is a flag, calling the people from a distance.

He resembles the rainbow.

I will water him at the river,

With my spear I shall drive my enemies.

Let them water their herds at the well;

The river belongs to me and my bull.

Drink, my bull, form the river; I am here to guard you with my spear.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Black History Poems

Racism is bad
it makes me sad
Slaves going everywhere
anywhere they can
K K K's coming everyday
Thinking they rule everything
But that's not OK.
They never come alone
Because they scared
but I don't care
because in my mind there not there

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Imagine im leaving in the 1950's

If I was to live in the 1950's Texas I would try to change everything. I would also try to make history.Like important black peoples.I would follow the rules but wont be happy about it. I will suffer to break all the rules just to make history. I would sit where ever I want in the bus. I think I will suffer more then making history. Racist white people treat me like Im there slave.I think they think that I am there slave but I think that Im just a women living life horible. I am not allowed to do the same things as white people because they have their things and the rest has there owns. We have different bathroom,and different stores.We also cant stare at them. We cannot sit in front of the bus.
I want to change so much things. I want to stop racist I want everybody to just get a long . I would also wish that the public busses is for everybody and they could sit where ever they want .

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sample Method

I would like to survey the number of people has been going to after school in the whole school for the past week. I will sample 5 people from each 7, grade class.

Random Sample; I would randomly sample the first 5 compassion students who comes to after schoool.
Convenience Sample; I would sample the people who is in Ms.Sa after school.
Biased Sample; I will sample all the people who would come out of school after After school is over.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Diary Entry Chapter 14


Dear Diary,

Ms.Addot made me stand up naked in front of everybody.I think she did that just because i wet the bed. It was by accident. I never knew I did it. I wonder how that happen. When they told me I was going to Jail I was shocked. I thought about what Ronny told me about his life. I told Kevin to go away because if I leave who else would he play with. And I would keep loosing the people I like and love. I felt that Ronny was at this home fo a very long time because he wanted to fight me. And i didnt do nothing to him. I dont know why Ronny wanted to fight me i guess he beats up every knew kid.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

Wow! Everybody I love is leaving,Midnight,Mark,Stacey,Sal, Mom,also Jerome. I hope mom is ok. She fell really hard. I also hope Jerome is ok. Is he going to die. I hope not. I cannot go to another home.Im sick and tired of these homes. I already got use to the building.Espeacially, the elevator and the lobby. I thought my life has change since I saw Stacey again. She really likes me. And I like her to. I wish I could see her again. But I dont know where she went.Well,I guess Im going to another home. Sincerely, Jennings

How do we use spreadsheets to create graphs?


Today in class, we learned how to add data and use a spreadsheet to create graph. Also, we were given a Technology Lab Recording Sheet to answer some questions. In the spread sheet we was giving instructions to find an appropriate graph to match the data that were given to us. To find a matching graph for your data you need to click insert and click graph. It would give you a list of graphs to choose. You would need to choose a graph that would go better with your data. When you put all the information of your graph you need to click finish,your graph would pop up in your desktop.

The graph that best dispalys the Student Council Budget is a Bar graph because a circle graph doesnt give you the values.And it also doesnt give you the amount. In a bar graph you could see that the data looks more simple in a bar graph then a pie graph/circle graph. A line graph would be an appropriate display of the Student Council Budget because a line graph would be the same as a Bar graph but with line segments. So, the data would be shown the same in a bar graph and line graph. So, yes it's appropriate.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

Why did you leave me. When you left me some lady came and took me to her house. It was terrible. We only ate breakfast and dinner. I was taking care in the Orphanage the here. I miss Doggie and Mark. I dre a picture of Doggie. At least i have a part of Doggie

Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

Today I hit Butch. He got me mad. He was making fun of mark. I know his not my friend but Butch has to stop hurting people. Today I felt special because Mark wanted to be my friend. I felt like im not lonely no more. I met a girl name Stacey she talk fast. I only could here one word of her sentences. I also felt leaving doggie was like mom leaving me here.

They Cage The Animals At Night

The importants of a good family is being loved. A good family is when a group of peoples care about each other,respects each other,and also love each other. Like Jennings and Martha. Jennings loves Martha and i think she loves Jennings back because everytime Martha see Jennings she said, "My baby." I think Jennings likes the Frazier because they care about him. I think that the Frazier is a good family including Martha. The only thing thats messes up the family is Donald's smart mouth. Donald's smart mouth makes Msr.Frazier say something mean back.

The positive thing about Jenning's family is that sometimes they help each other. And when they're all together they sometimes stick together. The negative thing about jennings family is that they allways going to homes and they got to go their seperete ways. When they get close to each other and there mother get sick they have to leave. Jennings was treated horrible when he was with the Carpenters. he would get yelled at and olny eat O2 times a day. In the Carpenters they was so mean to Jennings they actually threw out the picture of Doggie.

I think Jennings had a home in the Home of the Angels because he had friends and he had people who cared about him. In the Home Of Angels he spend more time and got O2 know more peoples. In St.Teresa he just stayed in that home for a few days so Jennings didnt really meet a lot of friends. I think Sal is likea father to Jennings people Sal talks to Jennings like if Jennings is his son. Also Sal cares about Jennings and Listens to what Jennings tells him. When Jennings was getting tease at Sal was talking to Jennings like a responsible father. I think Sal make Jennings feel like hes not alone. Also I think Sal make Jennings feel like Jennings could talk to Sal about anything when ever he sees him. I relly think that Mark is a brother O2 Jennings because they use to play with each other and talk about things like brother do. And Also heelp each other out. I think HALF of Jennings dont really like his life because he goes to many homes. The other HALF likes it because he meets new people and new friends. Jennings sometimes goes O2 peoples homes when the people are nice.

The Endddddddddddddd =].

Thursday, January 22, 2009


     Wow ! This years ELA Test was easier then last year. I think i did better this year then last year. Book 1 was easier then Book 2. Book 1 was multiple choice. Book 2 was Listening and Editing.
         Book 1 was easier then Book 2 because Book 1 had giving you choices. In Book 1 there was 28 questions. I think I finish the test less then an hour. After i completed the test i was trying to go to sleep but i couldn't. So i just stayed steal. Looking around the class room.
             Book 2 was harder then Book 1 because Book 2 had 2 parts in the test. I found Book 2 more difficult because the question was short responds. Also your teacher was suppose to read a story or article and you have to take notes. Book 2 included a passage that a student created with mistakes. And we was supposed to figure out the mistakes. Also correct them. 

Obama Reflection

WOW ! Obama for president !
Obama had made history. Im so happy you became president. I hope you will change whats need to change. I give best wishes to YOU and your family. I hope you stop war.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All About Me =]

Hey =]
My name is Grisaurys Arias. I bet you cant say my name because it's a spanish game. Im 12 years old.Pretty young. Im in the 7th grade. CAMPASSION ALL DAY !  This is my first year in this school.  Im in the I-SQUAD program. You will see that im in the I-SQUAD because i will be wearing a sweater.  Oh I forgot to say im in class 701,which room is 201. My math teacher is Ms.Sa,which she is in room 203. 
Well thats it .
I think.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dear Martha,

Im sorry for asking you if you eat in the kitchen floor. I was just curious. Thank you for the food it was good. But
at dinner it was very weird. I met the other side of Mr.Frazier. And i never knew that Mrs. and Mr. Frazier had a son. He was really mean to me. But im glad that we went fishing. It was really fun. I spent some time with Donald more. He is really nice. You just qot to get to know them.


Monday, January 5, 2009

My Christmas Vacation

My Christmas vacation was exciting. I got lost of presents and I celebrated it with my family. My Christmas vacation was very hard working because I had to clean because they decided to celebrate Christmas in my house. But it was worth it because I had lots of fun.
December 24,2008 was FUN. Everybody was dancing even
the little kids. In Christmas everybody gathered around in a
circle and everybody had a glass of wine and started
drinking. I wasn't drinking I'm too short. Well Christmas
was FUN!
December 31,2008 was very interesting. Seeing the ball drop was fun. Everybody was screaming and shouting and making noise.Everybody was conversation about there New Year Resolution. The one thing that i hate about 2009 is that i lost my phone. I don't know where it is. I don't know if its home but WHAT EVER .