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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Bronx Masquerade

The book Im reading in class is called "The Bronx Masquerade". The book is about teenagers expressing their feelings by writing poems. They also have an activity in school called "Open Mike " and they share there poems. While, other teens see other peoples poem they get to know peoples a little bit more. I met a lot of characters so far in the story.So far I have met 13 characters so far.I like about the book is that there express their feelings in there poems. And i like how the teens act so far. I dislike how the boys really treat girls in the book. I really cant relate to non of the characters bu.

I really don't have nothing in common. Th character that I like the most is Diondra because she follows her own decision because her father dont want her to paint but she wants to keep on painting. Diondra follows her decision. I could relate to Diondra so much.

I relate the least with Tyrone because hes a boy and he mean. He's always have to say something about someone. If I could make a character I would a put a mean girl that has an attitude and think she all that. To see how the other character would react.

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