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Monday, January 26, 2009

Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

Why did you leave me. When you left me some lady came and took me to her house. It was terrible. We only ate breakfast and dinner. I was taking care in the Orphanage the here. I miss Doggie and Mark. I dre a picture of Doggie. At least i have a part of Doggie

Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

Today I hit Butch. He got me mad. He was making fun of mark. I know his not my friend but Butch has to stop hurting people. Today I felt special because Mark wanted to be my friend. I felt like im not lonely no more. I met a girl name Stacey she talk fast. I only could here one word of her sentences. I also felt leaving doggie was like mom leaving me here.

They Cage The Animals At Night

The importants of a good family is being loved. A good family is when a group of peoples care about each other,respects each other,and also love each other. Like Jennings and Martha. Jennings loves Martha and i think she loves Jennings back because everytime Martha see Jennings she said, "My baby." I think Jennings likes the Frazier because they care about him. I think that the Frazier is a good family including Martha. The only thing thats messes up the family is Donald's smart mouth. Donald's smart mouth makes Msr.Frazier say something mean back.

The positive thing about Jenning's family is that sometimes they help each other. And when they're all together they sometimes stick together. The negative thing about jennings family is that they allways going to homes and they got to go their seperete ways. When they get close to each other and there mother get sick they have to leave. Jennings was treated horrible when he was with the Carpenters. he would get yelled at and olny eat O2 times a day. In the Carpenters they was so mean to Jennings they actually threw out the picture of Doggie.

I think Jennings had a home in the Home of the Angels because he had friends and he had people who cared about him. In the Home Of Angels he spend more time and got O2 know more peoples. In St.Teresa he just stayed in that home for a few days so Jennings didnt really meet a lot of friends. I think Sal is likea father to Jennings people Sal talks to Jennings like if Jennings is his son. Also Sal cares about Jennings and Listens to what Jennings tells him. When Jennings was getting tease at Sal was talking to Jennings like a responsible father. I think Sal make Jennings feel like hes not alone. Also I think Sal make Jennings feel like Jennings could talk to Sal about anything when ever he sees him. I relly think that Mark is a brother O2 Jennings because they use to play with each other and talk about things like brother do. And Also heelp each other out. I think HALF of Jennings dont really like his life because he goes to many homes. The other HALF likes it because he meets new people and new friends. Jennings sometimes goes O2 peoples homes when the people are nice.

The Endddddddddddddd =].

Thursday, January 22, 2009


     Wow ! This years ELA Test was easier then last year. I think i did better this year then last year. Book 1 was easier then Book 2. Book 1 was multiple choice. Book 2 was Listening and Editing.
         Book 1 was easier then Book 2 because Book 1 had giving you choices. In Book 1 there was 28 questions. I think I finish the test less then an hour. After i completed the test i was trying to go to sleep but i couldn't. So i just stayed steal. Looking around the class room.
             Book 2 was harder then Book 1 because Book 2 had 2 parts in the test. I found Book 2 more difficult because the question was short responds. Also your teacher was suppose to read a story or article and you have to take notes. Book 2 included a passage that a student created with mistakes. And we was supposed to figure out the mistakes. Also correct them. 

Obama Reflection

WOW ! Obama for president !
Obama had made history. Im so happy you became president. I hope you will change whats need to change. I give best wishes to YOU and your family. I hope you stop war.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All About Me =]

Hey =]
My name is Grisaurys Arias. I bet you cant say my name because it's a spanish game. Im 12 years old.Pretty young. Im in the 7th grade. CAMPASSION ALL DAY !  This is my first year in this school.  Im in the I-SQUAD program. You will see that im in the I-SQUAD because i will be wearing a sweater.  Oh I forgot to say im in class 701,which room is 201. My math teacher is Ms.Sa,which she is in room 203. 
Well thats it .
I think.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dear Martha,

Im sorry for asking you if you eat in the kitchen floor. I was just curious. Thank you for the food it was good. But
at dinner it was very weird. I met the other side of Mr.Frazier. And i never knew that Mrs. and Mr. Frazier had a son. He was really mean to me. But im glad that we went fishing. It was really fun. I spent some time with Donald more. He is really nice. You just qot to get to know them.


Monday, January 5, 2009

My Christmas Vacation

My Christmas vacation was exciting. I got lost of presents and I celebrated it with my family. My Christmas vacation was very hard working because I had to clean because they decided to celebrate Christmas in my house. But it was worth it because I had lots of fun.
December 24,2008 was FUN. Everybody was dancing even
the little kids. In Christmas everybody gathered around in a
circle and everybody had a glass of wine and started
drinking. I wasn't drinking I'm too short. Well Christmas
was FUN!
December 31,2008 was very interesting. Seeing the ball drop was fun. Everybody was screaming and shouting and making noise.Everybody was conversation about there New Year Resolution. The one thing that i hate about 2009 is that i lost my phone. I don't know where it is. I don't know if its home but WHAT EVER .