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Thursday, January 22, 2009


     Wow ! This years ELA Test was easier then last year. I think i did better this year then last year. Book 1 was easier then Book 2. Book 1 was multiple choice. Book 2 was Listening and Editing.
         Book 1 was easier then Book 2 because Book 1 had giving you choices. In Book 1 there was 28 questions. I think I finish the test less then an hour. After i completed the test i was trying to go to sleep but i couldn't. So i just stayed steal. Looking around the class room.
             Book 2 was harder then Book 1 because Book 2 had 2 parts in the test. I found Book 2 more difficult because the question was short responds. Also your teacher was suppose to read a story or article and you have to take notes. Book 2 included a passage that a student created with mistakes. And we was supposed to figure out the mistakes. Also correct them. 

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