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Monday, January 26, 2009

They Cage The Animals At Night

The importants of a good family is being loved. A good family is when a group of peoples care about each other,respects each other,and also love each other. Like Jennings and Martha. Jennings loves Martha and i think she loves Jennings back because everytime Martha see Jennings she said, "My baby." I think Jennings likes the Frazier because they care about him. I think that the Frazier is a good family including Martha. The only thing thats messes up the family is Donald's smart mouth. Donald's smart mouth makes Msr.Frazier say something mean back.

The positive thing about Jenning's family is that sometimes they help each other. And when they're all together they sometimes stick together. The negative thing about jennings family is that they allways going to homes and they got to go their seperete ways. When they get close to each other and there mother get sick they have to leave. Jennings was treated horrible when he was with the Carpenters. he would get yelled at and olny eat O2 times a day. In the Carpenters they was so mean to Jennings they actually threw out the picture of Doggie.

I think Jennings had a home in the Home of the Angels because he had friends and he had people who cared about him. In the Home Of Angels he spend more time and got O2 know more peoples. In St.Teresa he just stayed in that home for a few days so Jennings didnt really meet a lot of friends. I think Sal is likea father to Jennings people Sal talks to Jennings like if Jennings is his son. Also Sal cares about Jennings and Listens to what Jennings tells him. When Jennings was getting tease at Sal was talking to Jennings like a responsible father. I think Sal make Jennings feel like hes not alone. Also I think Sal make Jennings feel like Jennings could talk to Sal about anything when ever he sees him. I relly think that Mark is a brother O2 Jennings because they use to play with each other and talk about things like brother do. And Also heelp each other out. I think HALF of Jennings dont really like his life because he goes to many homes. The other HALF likes it because he meets new people and new friends. Jennings sometimes goes O2 peoples homes when the people are nice.

The Endddddddddddddd =].

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