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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Imagine im leaving in the 1950's

If I was to live in the 1950's Texas I would try to change everything. I would also try to make history.Like important black peoples.I would follow the rules but wont be happy about it. I will suffer to break all the rules just to make history. I would sit where ever I want in the bus. I think I will suffer more then making history. Racist white people treat me like Im there slave.I think they think that I am there slave but I think that Im just a women living life horible. I am not allowed to do the same things as white people because they have their things and the rest has there owns. We have different bathroom,and different stores.We also cant stare at them. We cannot sit in front of the bus.
I want to change so much things. I want to stop racist I want everybody to just get a long . I would also wish that the public busses is for everybody and they could sit where ever they want .

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