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Monday, February 2, 2009

How do we use spreadsheets to create graphs?


Today in class, we learned how to add data and use a spreadsheet to create graph. Also, we were given a Technology Lab Recording Sheet to answer some questions. In the spread sheet we was giving instructions to find an appropriate graph to match the data that were given to us. To find a matching graph for your data you need to click insert and click graph. It would give you a list of graphs to choose. You would need to choose a graph that would go better with your data. When you put all the information of your graph you need to click finish,your graph would pop up in your desktop.

The graph that best dispalys the Student Council Budget is a Bar graph because a circle graph doesnt give you the values.And it also doesnt give you the amount. In a bar graph you could see that the data looks more simple in a bar graph then a pie graph/circle graph. A line graph would be an appropriate display of the Student Council Budget because a line graph would be the same as a Bar graph but with line segments. So, the data would be shown the same in a bar graph and line graph. So, yes it's appropriate.

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