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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lake Compounce !

For my 7th grade end of the year trip we went to Lake Compounce.Lake Compounce is located in Connecticut.We left at about 8:40. It took less then 3 hours to get there.While we was in the bus waiting to leave they put a movie called "Harry Poter". And everybody was talking and playing around. The park was super fun.On our way to the park we all was excited. The bus ride was less 3 hours long. I felt excited because we was going to have fun.
Once we arrived at the theme park we sat there waiting for our tickets to get inside.I felt excited because we was going to get on all the rides. In The group it was Sekouba,Linda,Saikou,Thalia,Ada,Joshua,Alex,Jonas,Victor and I. The teacher we had was Mr.Osei. The first ride we got on was the Down Town but Joshua,Victor,Thalia and I didn't get on it. So actually the first we all got on it was the Wildcat.Linda and I was partner and we was In the front car.We also got on the Bomber Cars,Boulder Dash,Zoomerang,Wildcat,Saw Mill Plunge,Enterprise.My Favorite ride is the Boulder Dash.The Boulder Dash was my favorite ride because its the longest ride their. I also like how it was bumpy and it surprised me. I liked all the rides.The funniest thing that happen on the Wildcat was everytime we go up someone would say wow..wow.. Mr.Osei got on the Wildcat and thats it. I only ordered frensh fries.The food was OK.

The last ride we went on was the Boulder Dash. I saw the water park and the pool. The bus ride home was a little bumpy. I went to sleep but people kept waking me up.When we was on our way home we saw he movie Batman Beggins.I like about Lake Compounce is that we all had fun. Im going to make plans for my fmil to go to the summer so i could actually get wet.

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