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Friday, March 13, 2009

The Math Test

The Math Test part 1 was kind of easy but when it got after number 19 is got harder. Multiple Choice questions. I found number 19 the hardest because the question was about mass and volume.Part 2 was hard. It was harder then the First test. It was diffucult because you also had to write a responce. The part that was easy was to answer the questions.But not the responces. I think I did ok in the test.It took me less then an hour to finish the test.I went over in each question.

Paragraph 2: I think I did ok.But then I have a feeling that I could do better in the test.The most diffucult part was to in dentify the similes,metaphor,Onamanapea, I felt kind of nervous because i forget things real quick. I think my grade would be lower then a 80 but less then a 70. I dont think im prepared but I could start studying.

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